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Feed the Tree - Belly

Legbamel Not-Pop

On this Arbor Day, I find myself asking, “Why couldn’t Belly make more records?” I know that Tanya Donelly dropped out and moved on to a solo career, and that she was in The Breeders at the same time as she played with Belly. I just like the stuff that Belly produced so much that I was disappointed to know that no more would come. If you check her web site, the only featured music appeared on the “Star” album from which Feed the Tree came. I do like the songs you can find on Ms. Donelly’s MySpace profile, though. Perhaps I’ll have to give her another chance.

All of that matters naught, as the point of my post is to remind you all that, though Earth Day has passed, you should still remember the environment. When I was a child, we were sent home from school every Arbor Day with an evergreen seedling to plant. I don’t recall whether any of them survived, but I hope that some of them are out there, adding valuable oxygen to the air and off-setting my carbon footprint every day. Go plant a tree somewhere, and don’t forget to feed it.

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  1. I haven't heard that tune in years, they were a good band and Tanya Donnelly's voice was great.
    I'm gonna have to dig out my "Throwing muses" albums now.

  2. legbamel says:

    She does have a lovely voice. Between Belly and Frente, I almost had to re-think my general dislike of female vocalists. Ms. Donnelly is still recording, in case you missed it. I didn't like her new stuff as much as her old, but she's still got that fantastic voice.

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