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Up Up Up - Kerli

Legbamel Not-Pop

As a video game fan, if not a “gamer”, I was introduced to Kerli via Creepshow on the Burnout Paradise soundtrack. I quite like the song, but it wasn't really representative of her other music at the time. Although I was going to post it here, as a stand-alone favorite, I thought I’d take a listen to more of her songs, as they have become more readily-available for streaming on-line.

I was happy to discover that her music has evolved past the mostly-emo, slow-drag music (albeit featuring her lovely voice) and that some of the album, “Love Is Dead”, consists of more up-tempo, harder-edged songs like Creepshow. Kerli has broadened her musical horizons and found even more interesting things to say. In the spirit of that expansion, I’ve decided that Up and Up would be a good song for a spectacularly-bad-weather Monday.

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