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From the Hips - Cursive

Legbamel Not-Pop

Some songs absolutely require patience. I make it a rule to listen to at least a minute of a new song before dismissing it. (If the first third of the song only introduces it, how much song could there be?) From the Hips by Cursive requires that patience, as it’s a slow builder. The first minute takes you from a pokey, if interesting, complaint into an uptempo rant, building the lyrics and the music on each other. The song keeps that arc, sliding back again for another run up to an even heavier sound, and then into a howling rant.

Cursive labels itself Indie/Punk, but I don’t really see them as punksters. They do a fair amount of screaming, but many of their songs lean more toward screamo than punk. (And can you be indie and appear on Letterman?) Lyrically, however, they do some interesting things, if you can get past the yelling and heavy guitars. Try So-So Gigolo for another example. I don’t care much for most of their music, but From the Hips, which you can download for free at the Cursive Army web site, seems to me to strike their best balance between the indie spirit and punk aesthetics.

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