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Frank, This Is It - Cliff Jackson/Jellean Delk/The Naturals

Legbamel Not-Pop

Someday, I will compile a playlist of songs in which men creatively sob and wail over lost love. To my earlier post on Albert Collins’s But I Was Cool, I will definitely add Frank, This Is It from Cliff Jackson with Jellean Delk and The Naturals. I’ve read that the crier in this song was not Mr. Jackson but a preacher who didn’t want his real name used because he didn’t want to be associate with this sort of secular (and sin-implying) music.

I could find very little solid information about the song on-line, except that it’s on two very different compilations: “All Tore Up” which includes songs of love lost and abandoned from 1955-1968 (a relatively narrow range, but a rich one), and “It Came from Memphis” which, I suspect, is linked with Robert Gordon’s book of the same name. But who cares? Enjoy the song.

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