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Comletely Off-Topic and Fun

Legbamel Not-Pop

Thanks to Mad Margo for introducing me to the Soda Can Generator. Truly, I cannot resist such foolishness. If you want your own bottle (or can) or soda, completely customized with fonts, foreground and background colors, taglines, and the color of the soda and cap. I had a field day playing with this and just had to share the results, whether or not making it has anything to do with actual music. Obviously, I use up my post-writing time playing with this thing. Enjoy!

3 Responses so far.

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out. Your bottle is awesome!

  2. agree with Me-Me King..your bottle is awesome. i think i'm gonna make one bottle for myself LoL..

  3. legbamel says:

    Thanks, to both of you! I had a great time fiddling with it over the weekend.

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