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Insane in the Brain - Cypress Connell Cheese

Legbamel Not-Pop

Cover songs that defy expectations rank up with unexpected mash-ups in my top ten favorite things about music. While you expect a cover band like Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine to cover wildly different genres, small-time indie bands like The Connells, that display intelligence, creativity, and a certain gentleness in their lyrics and music, strike you all the more when they leap outside of their comfort zone. Thus, their cover of Insane in the Brain absolutely slays me. If you're unfamiliar with The Connells, click their name above and get a taste of how they normally sound. Whether you know these bands or not, enjoy the delicious variety you get from three very different takes on the Cypress Hill original that's all about power and wants nothing to do with delicacy. Be warned, however, that you will find very naughty language and imagery in all three of these tracks. Children, click elsewhere!

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