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Feet - Lucy Dixon

Legbamel Not-Pop

I come across new music by some pretty interesting paths. Today, I was looking for the MySpace profile for some folks I know who run a local bar. Through a happy accident, I ended up listening to Lucy Dixon’s version of Stormy Weather. I was enamored, and immediately sought out more. Thus, I uncovered Feet and knew that it was my song of the day.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lucy Dixon does not appear on Imeem or Grooveshark. She has no tracks even for preview at Last.FM. But I would never leave you, my faithful readers, without some way to listen to her work. You can listen to her entire album, "Me Is You Now", at Deezer. (I know, another fabulous free site with which to involve yourself. It’s French. Suck it up and enjoy.)

I’m not fascinated by the site, as the functionality seems less intuitive than Grooveshark’s, but I am enthralled by Lucy Dixon’s sound. Take a listen to Feet, here, and see if you agree, then enjoy French tracks like Quitter Mon Ex at Deezer.

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