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Bo Diddley Is a Lunatic and They're Coming to Take Me Away

Legbamel Not-Pop

I wouldn’t have included this video, since Bo Diddley doesn’t actually perform in it, but I really wanted to post this song. Imeem and Grooveshark both let me down on this one, although Songza has a great recording of Bo Diddley Is Crazy. (And a quick thanks to David Blakey for letting me know that the song isn't called Bo Diddley Is a Lunatic, although I still didn't find it on any of my usual sources.) This is one of those songs that makes you want to jump around and wave your hands in the air. I hereby nominate it as one of the best songs of all time. Can you tell I’m listening to it as I write this?

My mental playlist insists on following this song up with They’re Coming to Take Me Away, but the Lard version of the song, rather than Dr. Demento. This one always seemed a little more psycho to me. Maybe it’s the cuckoo clocks. Maybe it’s Jello Biafra.

Amazon doesn't have a digital copy of Bo Diddley Is Crazy, but you can buy the album "A Man Amongst Men" and you can get Lard's They're Coming to Take Me Away there.

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  1. Hi NPJ,

    Just wanted to let you know that the correct title of the Bo Diddley song is "Bo Diddley Is Crazy". It's the opening track on his great 1996 album "A Man Amongst Men". The track has special guests Keith Richards on guitar and The Shirelles on background vocals.

    Best wishes,

    David Blakey, Webmaster
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  2. legbamel says:

    Well no wonder I couldn't find it anywhere. I'll have to look for some more information. Thanks for letting me know!

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