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Coffee - A.W.O.L

Legbamel Not-Pop

As I'm rather in a time crunch today, I'm just going to throw up a song that I love. I was hoping to find a video for A.W.O.L.'s Coffee, as the manic energy seems to require an equally hyper performance, but I couldn't uncover one. Regardless of the relative obscurity of this song, Coffee gets me jumping every time I hear it. I'm also an addict of actual coffee, so this tends to be my theme song when I've had a cup or two too many, generally by early afternoon. Every day.

You can't get the individual tracks, but I'd recommend the whole album on which this song appears: "Ska: The Third Wave, Vol. 2". The Amazon page lists Eric Hemion as the artist for Coffee, even though my download names AWOL as the artist. Then again, you get The Bumblebee Tuna Song at the end of the album, my favorite Mephiskapheles song, and they list Jimmy Curtis as the artist. You'll just have to trust me that those are wrong. I'm guessing they've listed the "composer" rather than the actual bands.

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