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Such Great Heights - Postal Service

Legbamel Not-Pop

It came to my attention, today, that Such Great Heights is not, as I previously thought, a Pet Shop Boys song. It turns out that it's from Postal Service. I still think it sounds like the Pet Shop Boys, but it's a fantastic song whoever the artist. It's got a nice, synth-pop beat and interesting lyrics. Apparently, Postal Service came to an agreement with the US Postal Service allowing them to use the name if the governmental organization could use their song in ads. I'd say that the USPS got the better end of that deal. At any rate, enjoy the mellow-but-bouncy song and check out more Postal Service if you like it. I don't actually have a second song of theirs to recommend, but I can suggest that you avoid their cover of Phil Collins's Against All Odds. I've included the Pet Shop Boys doing Suburbia, for comparison. Let me know if you think I'm all wet, suggesting that these two bands sound alike.

Such Great Heights - The Postal Service

Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys
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