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Photosynthesis - The Hot Toddies

Legbamel Not-Pop

Here, where winter has finally settled in with wind, snow, and near-zero temperatures, it’s perfectly natural that a band name The Hot Toddies, with an album titled “Smell the Mitten”, should catch my attention. Most of the songs on the album, much to my chagrin, are pop to the core. There was one song, however, (and one only, despite the entertainment value of Seattle) that I promptly added to my wish list: Photosynthesis. It’s a bouncy, chicka-chicka-ah song that entertains my inner geek much like They Might Be Giant’s The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas does. It’s educational fun! Of course, The Hot Toddies share some relatively detailed information about photosynthesis, but they’re so enthusiastic about the concept that you can’t help enjoying the song.

I couldn’t find a place from which to embed the mp3 here, but you can listen to the song on Here Comes the Flood, which is where I first heard it. If you want more, I’ll include Seattle, here.
Seattle - The Hot Toddies
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