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Narcissist - The Libertines

Legbamel Not-Pop

The Libertines made decent rock, but the whole “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” concept rather went to the heads of some members, or at least to their egos. It's too bad, because songs like Narcissist prove that the group made a terrific songwriting team. They actually managed to make a grungy song that wasn't about their own angst and anger! I like a little social commentary with my pop, so this song won me over to the Libertine side of the fence (musically speaking, if not politically). While the band did meander into melancholy from time to time, The Libertines offered generally interesting, and often smart, lyrics as the cake to hold up their musical icing. I don't rank them among my favorite bands, but I do like several of their songs including, obviously, Narcissist.
Narcissist - The Libertines
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