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Eyes, Lips, Body (Mekon Vocal Mix) - Ramshackle

Legbamel Not-Pop

This mellow mover came from the soundtrack for 1995's Hackers, your basic slacker teen movie with the ever-lovely and, here, short-haired Angelina Jolie. Eyes, Lips, Body makes excellent background music for chair dancing while otherwise occupied. The song offers no lyrics to distract you, a vaguely sexy theme without being explicit, and a nice, groovy beat that sticks with you. In fact, the group's name, Ramshackle, is an excellent name for the song. Interestingly, I couldn't find a single other song by this group, including the original mix of Eyes, Lips, Body. What do you call a one-hit wonder that never even had a hit?

In fact, the Hackers soundtrack offers lots of good groove music, including Robert Birch's Connected, Carl Cox's Phoebus Apollo, and Good Grief from Patrick Ian Tilon. The music doesn't make you want to get up and dance, but it does get your body moving while you might otherwise just be sitting on your butt. And if you have to get up for another cup of coffee, you'll have a little extra bop in your boogie as you make your way to the pot. Isn't that what good music does?
Eyes, Lips Body (Mekon Vocal Mix) - Ramshackle
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