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(Mr. Insurance Man) Take Out That Thing

Legbamel Not-Pop

Today has been a long series of reminders that bands make and sell music that I don’t like but that other people love. Despite piles of new music appearing almost hourly, nothing has made me say, “Wow, I have to have that!” Instead of highlighting something brand new to me, I’m posting (Mr. Insurance Man) Take Out That Thing, the song that introduced me to Saffire: The Uppity Blues Women. It was the naughty sense of humor and the wicked kazoo solo that made this song a must-have. I went straight out and bought the 1990 album, “Hot Flash”, and uncovered feisty, raucous blues that make those “grrl power” folks sound like na├»ve children. The Blues Women have been around the block enough times to really come into their own. Head over to their web site (linked above) and take a listen to (No Need) Pissin’ on a Skunk, after you’ve heard this one.

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