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Can't Get a Job

Legbamel Not-Pop

Can’t Get a Job, from WookieFoot's "Domesticated" album, reminds me of Arrested Development, which is not the case with most WookieFoot's other songs. The band is intentionally all over the musical map, with the thread of social consciousness tying their hip hop-py, reggae-influenced, bouncy pop, and even Irish drinking songs together into their own sound. Because they are on their own label, and because they focus more on charity and philanthropic work than selling records, their popularity spreads by word of “mouth” (i.e. blogs and other web sites) rather than through air play and advertising. Don’t be fooled by their dirty hippie look. These folks make even such blatant commentary as Can’t Get a Job into something fun to hear. Be patient with the introductory ranting and enjoy it.
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