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Wicked Game

Legbamel Not-Pop

I must admit to having a bit of a "thing" for Chris Isaak. It's his voice, and how his recording often sounds so intimate, like he's really in the room there, talking to you (only you're starring in a musical, so he's singing, but it seems perfectly natural). What, you don't star in imaginary movies? You don't put together your own soundtrack?

Ahem. I was surprised to discover that H.I.M. had remade Wicked Game. I really love the Chris Isaak Elvis-like, country-crossover version of that song, off 1989's "Heart-Shaped World". It's like velvet sheets - it feels fantastic for a few minutes, and then you're slightly embarrassed by having enjoyed it so much.

The newer version, however, comes across more like lying on sandpaper. H.I.M. takes the love and mourning from Chris Isaak's song and focus on the anger, despite the karaoke-like singing. These people aren't sorry you're gone, they're still yelling at you for leaving. If you like the band's sound, you might like this version. I didn't, but I remember when the original was released (and I still have the cassette tape to prove it).

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