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Violent Love

Legbamel Not-Pop

Otis Rush's Violent Love turned out to be the quintessential Oingo Boingo song, part love song and part wild ride. In 1980, Oingo Boingo released an EP with four songs that would launch them into the New Wave movement with a vengeance. On it was Violent Love. Through the next 15 years' worth of innovation and energy, Danny Elfman and the band came up with hundreds of amazing songs. Violent Love still numbers among my favorites. The live version from 1988's "Boingo Alive" is more hyper than the studio version, and less ska-like. (I saw Oingo Boingo live in 1990, and the live version had the crowd on their feet in two notes.) Both capture the bands frenetic style at its most enjoyable.Boomp3.com
Buy the EP (with Only a Lad, Ain't This the Life, and I'm So Bad as well)
Buy Boingo Alive (a two-disc set, including Dead Man's Party, Cinderella Undercover, and No One Lives Forever)

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