Ignored, Maligned, and Forgotten Music

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Legbamel Not-Pop

Part of the problem with liking older music lies in the refusal or inability of the band to make it available on-line because they are no more. The Dead Milkmen exemplify this, with millions of links about their music available but the music itself is difficult to find, especially given Rhapsody’s wonky search engine. At The Dead Milkmen’s site, you can play with the Punk Rock Girl paper doll, but you can’t listen to any music.

Luckily, you can sample the goodness that is Stuart at Rhapsody, along with the rest of the “Beelzebubba” album. Some people don’t find the Milkmen funny, but a song this sarcastic serves as proof of their collective sense of humor. Edit: I couldn't resist doing up the lyrics for Stuart.

You can’t buy Stuart individually from Amazon, but you can get the album.

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