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Crash into the Sun

Legbamel Not-Pop

You know you’re hearing good music when you find yourself unconsciously grooving to a song you’ve never heard and you sit in the car for an extra ten minutes just to hear the DJ tell you who the heck that was. One of these days, David Dye is going to get me fired for that. One of the (many, many) songs he’s introduced me to was Jim White’s Crash into the Sun. It was the free mp3 of the day at Spinner last December so I grabbed it while the grabbing was good. It gets better every time I hear it: a little groove, a little horn section, and some vocal gymnastics woven around them. Jim White’s been called alt-country, but I think he’s more alternative than country, despite his cowboy hat. This is also much lighter and more optimistic than his usual sound.

If you want more Jim White, try the 2007 release, "Transnormal Skiperoo". The man has a way with words.

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