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You Pick the Winner: Suite 709 versus The Phoenix Foundation

Legbamel Not-Pop

For today let's enjoy the pop-y Apples and Oranges from Suite 709, a nice song about opposites attracting. For contrast, add The Phoenix Foundation and their slightly more out-there pairing of Apples and Tangerines. This, my dears, is pop versus indie drawn starkly with just song titles. The music just makes the point more sharply.

Suite 709 is sweet and predictable, a "you and me against the world" song that could have come from any of the past four decades. It's a good song, it's just not great. The Phoenix Foundation takes the same concept and skews it, moving the point of comparison just far enough to take away that anticipated theme and make you pay a bit more attention. That doesn't make it a great song, by default, it just makes it more engaging.

But that's my own prejudice writing there. I ask you, my darlings, to listen to both songs and let me know who you think does a better job with the concept of incomparables coming together. In other words, you pick the winner.

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