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Yo Me Voy - Salsa Celtica

Legbamel Not-Pop

By now I've likely raved enough about Salsa Celtica that you've been chomping at the bit for more--if you haven't already gone out and bought a couple of albums. Today I'm doing a double post of the Scottish salsa band. Here you can listen to the exuberant Yo Me Voy which, given the verve with which they toss it into the song, means less "I'm leaving" and more "I'm outta here!"

The other song I've posted on my Google+ NPJ page. That one is El Agua de la Vida and has the added benefit of combining the bagpipes and horns with fiddle all at the same time.

Regardless of the specific instrumentation, you get the salsa music hot enough to make you want to wear one of those awesome loose skirts and really shake your hips with interludes of pipes just spicy enough to make you wonder if haggis could possibly be all bad. Let me know if it is, would you? I love Salsa Celtica but not quite enough to actually try it.

Yo Me Voy by Salsa Celtica on Grooveshark

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