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Potato Hole - Booker T Jones

Legbamel Not-Pop

I tend to think of Booker T Jones as I know him with the MGs: bluesy soul, heavy on the organ. His solo work, however, tends to be heavier (though, naturally, still chock full of the ol' Hammond). As a perfect example, have a listen to the funky instrumental groove called Potato Hole from the album of the same name. Technically "Potato Hole" isn't a solo album at all as Booker T fronts Drive By Truckers instead of The MGs, but that's just semantics, right?

Whatever the case, I know you can't resist a song title like Potato Hole, my darlings. Go ahead, click it. Have a listen. You know you want to.

Potato Hole by Booker T. Jones on Grooveshark

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