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Do the 45 - Ryan Shaw

Legbamel Not-Pop

No one better embodies the wonderful trend of neo-soul than the so-smooth Ryan Shaw. You would swear, in listening to him, that he stepped straight out of the 50s or 60s but with much better recording capabilities. Perhaps, rather than being reincarnated, he is a soul remastered.

For proof of my assertion, I offer you Do the 45, a cover of the Sharpees original so faithful that I did not at first realize it was one. Lest you fear it's a karaoke tune and not a serious piece of soul, rest assured that I did not select this one lightly. I jammed hard and then listened to the original, the ultimate test. Yes, they were equally dance-worthy, my darlings. Have a listen and find out for yourself. Do let me know if you disagree, or if you've a better example from Mr. Shaw.

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