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What the Hell Is This? - Johnny "Guitar" Watson

Legbamel Not-Pop

I know what you need, my darlings. You need some fat, juicy funk blues from Johnny "Guitar" Watson. But you don't need fluff like Miss Frisco (Queen of the Disco). Times are hard and you want to hear about how hard it is to find a job. And yet you still need to shake your booty.

Thus I bring you What the Hell Is This?, a song that combines the powerful funk of JG with a little modern social commentary. It also includes some of his peculiar lyricism, the sorts of things that make you say, "Hunh?" In this particular instance, it's the line about "running around the city like a chicken with a nickle" that particularly caught my attention.

If that's a little to heavy for this nigh-Friday evening, try Booty Ooty instead. What the hell, listen to all three!

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