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Questioning Intentions - Razor Kings

Legbamel Not-Pop

Razor Kings are a social media success story, as far as this writer is concerned. By that I mean that I'd never before heard of them but that they found me on Google+ and shared an older video that I quite enjoyed. That led me to seek more from them and to be pleasantly surprised at finding what I presume is a new album. Voila! Here we are.

I seem to be finding more old-school punk bands lately, which to me is all to the good. Razor Kings (or, as they style themselves, RAZOR KiNGS) are perhaps the most consistent example. They rock hard, they shout angrily about things other than women and drugs, and they're remarkably elusive on-line. Yet there they were, tapping me on the shoulder.

Have a listen to Questioning Intentions, a classic punk song name if ever there was one. If you're so inclined, you can enjoy the rest of "Truth Hurts" on Grooveshark.

Questioning Intentions by RAZOR KiNGS on Grooveshark

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