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You Pick the Winner: Emma Louise vs. Frente!

Legbamel Not-Pop

First, please not that the exclamation point in the title of this post is not an expression of my excitement about this head-to-head match. It is, in fact, an part of the name of Frente! (The grammarian in me finds it hard to include that name anywhere but the end of a sentence.)

The point, however, is that Frente! and Emma Louise both feature exceedingly feminine singers in songs about jungles. Both, in fact, are titled Jungle. The two share a certain sensibility. I just want to know which of them you prefer. One lines out very particularly that the jungle exists inside her head (that would be Emma Louise) while Frente! leaves the particulars a bit more open.

Have a listen to the pair and let me know whose claim to her own jungle more compelling. Should you enjoy the two, you might listen to Cat Empire, who had a massive instrumental of the same name.

Double Jungle by legbamel on Grooveshark

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