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Mystical Lady - Eatliz

Legbamel Not-Pop

How could you all let me go so long without sharing Eatliz and their peculiar, fascinating brand of rock? In truth, when I first heard the band, I wasn't a big fan. That, my dears, is why you should always listen to something at least twice.

The more I heard from them, the more I enjoyed Eatliz. Their groove isn't immediately accessible but that's no bad thing, and in part the entire point behind The NPJ. They practically make my point for me! At some points it's like Siouxsie and The Banshees and at others it's crashing, driving rock. Then it turns a bit sadder, more contemplative. Over it all is a musical sensibility that takes a bit to click. When it does, you may find yourself hooked.

While I recommend the whole album, "Teasing Nature", I thought I'd share Mystical Lady here today as it supports my contention that they really do sound like Siouxsie (and that they rock). Have a listen or three and let me know what you think.

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