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Power to the People - Geraldo Pino & the Heartbeats

Legbamel Not-Pop

I'd like to thank +Jason Meininger for broadening my funk horizons the other day by introducing me to Geraldo Pino & the Heartbeats. I've very much enjoyed exploring their sound and would love to share them with you, too, my dears. To that end, have a listen to Power to the People.

I particularly enjoy how Mr. Pino talked to his band, bringing in various musicians with funk-appropriate comments. He did this on several songs on this album (the only one I could find pretty much anywhere, on-line) and I'd bet it was a staple of his live shows as well. As he passed in late 2008, sadly I'll never get a chance to see him and find out for myself.

On that less-than-cheerful note, I'm going to shush and let you listen. If you're a fan I'd love to hear which song is your favorite and if you're new to The Heartbeats please let me know what you think. You can listen to Heavy, Heavy, Heavy over at the Listening to...music community at G+ if the funk catches your feet, too.

Power to the People by Geraldo Pino on Grooveshark

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