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Bombanaza - Bob Schneider

Legbamel Not-Pop

A few years ago I posted a song from Bob Schneider and then left you hanging, waiting for more. That wasn't very nice of me, but I bring you a song guaranteed to earn your forgiveness: Bombanaza. It's Latin but Austin white-boy Latin.

Considering Bob Schneider's folky, sometimes-country style on many of his albums, you may not be expecting the boogie-down horns and big sound of Bombanaza. The song is, however, a great deal of fun. If you find yourself looking for something a little more on the acoustic side, I recommend Funky Weather, which will still get your toes tapping and your booty shaking. And if you want something even wilder try Boombox.

Bombanaza by Bob Schneider on Grooveshark

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