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Triskaidekaphobia - Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's not everyone who can sing a charming song about a woman who's afraid of the number thirteen. Perhaps you should have expected that Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms would combine their powers to do so. Perhaps not. Whatever the case, have an old song that could never have been a hit because no one can spell Triskaidekaphobia. If you know of any other number phobia songs I'd love to hear them, though I'll be mighty surprised if you do.

As a tidbit, this is the same Four Charms that performed Hit That Jive, Jack so long ago (or sound like it, as "Flatland Boogie" was released in 2000). Triskaidekaphobia is the title track from their 2005 album. I've tagged this as "oldies" for the sound, not the actual age of the song.

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