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Merry Go Round - The Lolligags

Legbamel Not-Pop

On this Merry Go Round you get freaky carnival music with catchy lyrics, like the line that gave The Lolligags's album its name: “Out of perversity we join hands.” I’m not sure in what way they find themselves perverse but it definitely gives you something to ponder while you’re enjoying the song. (No, not perverts, silly, perverse. They’re different—look it up.)

I do rather want to take a ride on the Zipper now, though Merry Go Round seems a bit tame for this great mood-setter. Indeed, they rather remind me of the 80s Siouxsie and the Banshees. You can’t help but tap those toes and do some quality chair dancing while The Lolligags tell you how much they want to go to the spooky-sounding carnival. Let me know if it makes you wish for fried food on a stick and creepy carnies, too.

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