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Hey Little Kitty - The Peekers

Legbamel Not-Pop

I need some cheering up, what with all the stupid snow this week, so I turned to the utterly cheerful pop sensibilities of The Peekers. I defy you not to be perked up by Hey Little Kitty and to avoid having it stuck in your head for days.

The song is pretty much the perfect introduction to The Peekers, as well. It's this perky pile of pop of yesteryear (because, really, pop today is more about bass and computer-enhanced voices) that turns into a couple of different songs along the way to its abrupt conclusion. It also gives you a healthy dose of their sweet harmony, something else you don't much find in pop these days but should.

Should you be able to tear yourself away from Hey Little Kitty, do have a listen to Sweet Potato. You can't beat an opening line like "My words are like potatoes flying through the window." I think The Peekers would have been an enormous hit in the Sixties, but happily we're around to hear whatever they finally come up with next, if they ever do. It's been four years, Peekers. How's that next album coming?

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