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Mashup of the Month: MoJo - ViC

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've got something almost brand new for you for this month's MotM. It's Michael Jackson versus -M-, which turns out to make the King of Pop even poppier (as if that were a word). It doesn't seem possible, but last month had Rick James with extra funk so why not ViC making MJ bounce?

I defy you not to enjoy MoJo to the point of chair dancing strenuously, if not actually getting up and jamming. Go on, click play. And if the track alone doesn't do it for you (don't lie, darlings, I know it did) you can watch the hysterical video mashup as well.

So get ready for a massive, double dose of pop from the Not-Pop Jukebox. Not only can you listen to Mojo, you can download it for free right here thanks to official.fm and ViC.

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