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You Pick the Winner: Gin Wigmore vs. Frank Sinatra

Legbamel Not-Pop

Let's pit a legend against a relative newcomer, today, with two takes on the theme of Under My Skin. In one corner we've got Gin Wigmore: part Amy Winehouse, part Dusty, part Mae West. In the other corner is Frank Sinatra: he's Frank Sinatra. He needs no build-up on my part.

Though I've Got You Under My Skin has long been a favorite of mine, I have to say that Gin Wigmore really rocks this song. Of course, I tried to stack the deck with the version from my favorite Sinatra album--Sinatra at the Sands--where he's wailing it with Count Basie but...I don't know.

Thus I'm posting the both of them here, my darlings. Have a listen to both takes on Under My Skin and let me know which you like best or if you can't decide, either. Also, look for more Gin Wigmore in the relatively near future.

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