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Last of the V8 Interceptors - The Atomic Bitchwax

Legbamel Not-Pop

Today we have a rare coming together of a great song name and a great band name that produced a song actually worth hearing. I've been giving The Atomic Bitchwax a good listen for the last couple of days and I'm here to report that stoner metal is a stupid genre name. Oh, and they rock.

Last of the V8 Interceptors starts out with a digitized voice, ostensibly that of our new, insectile, alien overlords. Then they all shut up and get on with jamming. I did enjoy a few of the tracks on which they sang but, for the most part, the instrumentals hold up far better.

You can definitely hear the influence of the 70s on The Atomic Bitchwax, but it sounds like they've been listening to some quality, hardcore rock for decades. If you like Last of the V8 Interceptors, have a listen to Crazed Fandango and Cast Aside Your Masks.

Last of the V8 Interceptors by Atomic Bitchwax on Grooveshark

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