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Knock Me a Kiss - Louis Jordan

Legbamel Not-Pop

I started out the day intending to share with you the BB King version of Knock Me a Kiss. Thankfully for all of us, I stopped to listen to the original before I posted. Much as King rocks, Louis Jordan owns this song. How can you listen to that chorus and not make a smoochy face? Even Ella Fitzgerald couldn't outdo him on this one.

So, as we approach the weekend, I offer this up to you all as the perfect serenade song. Follow Louis Jordan's pouty approach and I can guarantee the object of your affection will knock you a kiss after the second chorus! [Please note that this guarantee is not backed by anything other than my own snark and that video evidence of your having tried and failed will be required by me.]

Knock Me A Kiss by Louis Jordan on Grooveshark

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