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Wulu Wulu - Bongos Ikwue

Legbamel Not-Pop

Have you heard? Bongos Ikwue will have his first US release in February! It's likely you're not familiar with the talented and musically diverse Ikwue, but happily I'm here to help you understand how excited you should be to hear this news.

I've included the title track from the new album, Wulu Wulu. As an added bonus, it's a studio video so you can see it performed live. I dare you all to listen to it and not smile. It's a lovely mishmash of jazz, afrobeat, funk, and blues that you can't help but love. Sadly, I can't find previews anywhere of the rest of the album (and the official site is yet under construction) but I'll keep and ear out and bring you more, assuming the rest of the songs are as wonderful.

If you just can't wait, there are a few of Bongos Ikwue's older songs, mostly from the 70s, on Grooveshark. Features? Horns, guitars, and--naturally--Bongos.

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