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Mashup of the Month: ABC OPP - A Plus D/DJ LK

Legbamel Not-Pop

As so often happens, I saw the combination in this Mashup of the Month and thought, “Really?!” But, yes, The Jackson 5 manage to make Naughty by Nature more fun than offensive, and about time somebody did. Thank goodness A Plus D were around to take some of the jerk factor out of a song celebrating getting someone’s significant other to cheat on him or her.

While OPP never was a favorite of mine, ABC long has been. And so I bring to you today this outrageous mix that still manages to work beautifully. As always, you can download ABC OPP for free from the A Plus D Bootie Mashup site for free. You’ll find a mess of other great mashups there, too. Take a listen to We’ve Got the Soulja Boy while you’re there for another example of genre bending.

As a tidbit, the reason the songs work so well together (and the reason that I've embedded a different mashup below for your listening pleasure as I couldn't find the A Plus D version to share) is that Naughty By Nature sampled ABC when they made OPP. And, yes, I did completely miss MotM day again this month. At least I still brought you a great song.

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