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No Waves - Fidlar

Legbamel Not-Pop

Fidlar feels, to me, like an old coat that I found in the back of my closet, one that I thought I'd lost at some house party twenty years ago and that immediately recalls the sort of rose-tinted tinted memories (mostly fueled by hours of social coffee drinking and the occasional, massive night of excess) of that summer between high school and moving away to college.

Fidlar, and particularly No Waves, are distinctively California, to me, for no real identifiable reason except that the only musicians I knew then sounded a whole lot like this. The 80s has just drawn to a close and grunge was on the upswing. I was leaving all I knew in a few, short weeks and the music we shared was all I could take with me.

Now that sounds maudlin as heck, but in reality it's the very high-energy sound of the band that reminds me of those crazy nights. Even sober we were nuts and music like this fueled us almost as much as the seven pots of coffee we shared in the wee hours. The boys in Fidlar are too young to have been there--heck, they might be too young to have been alive then--but if they're any indication the peculiar flavor of NoCal in the summer has spread from the good part of the state to LA.

No matter their ages or places of origin, No Waves is a fun little post-punk jam. If you like it, have a listen to Max Can't Surf and West Coast.

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