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Nerdcore Rising - MC Frontalot

Legbamel Not-Pop

I bring you today the non-prophetic Nerdcore Rising from MC Frontalot. Not only does he specify that he recorded it in 2005 but it includes a great, cheesy compu-voiced verse. Sure, nerdcore never has overtaken the popularity of hip hop or rap, but that doesn't invalidate the entertainment value of MC Frontalot and the idea of having geeky, mostly-grammatical rap take over the airwaves.

If you're not familiar with MC Frontalot, you can listen to a pile of his stuff at Grooveshark. I'd particularly recommend Final Boss, Indier Than Thou, and Bizarro Genius Baby. But to understand the whole thing, start with Nerdcore Rising. If you're already a fan, drop me a recommendation, yo.

Nerdcore Rising by MC Frontalot on Grooveshark

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