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Leprechauns Love Disco - Irish Steph

Legbamel Not-Pop

With apologies to...a whole lot of people, Dunken K Bliths had Qui Gon jamming, I was listening to Leprechauns Love Disco, and the world clicked for me. That is, he's almost perfectly on beat and I laughed until I cried. As a bonus, the song rocks.

Irish Steph is not, as the name might lead you to believe, an Irish woman. He is, in face, male and French. That doesn't hold him back from making...well, great electronica that isn't particularly Irish--except IRA's Tweed. I heartily recommend the latter if you enjoy Leprechauns Love Disco and, really, how could you not?

Leprechauns Love Disco by Irish Steph on Grooveshark

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