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Get Down Moses - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

Legbamel Not-Pop

It being the ten-year anniversary of Joe Strummer's death, I thought I'd post my favorite non-Clash song from him, this one with The Mescaleros. Get Down Moses gives you a great, ska-flavored groove and some fairly mournful lyrics about the state of modern society and how we could use another Moses.

I don't think we so much need more rules as people who actually follow the ones we've got. Get Down Moses, however, isn't Strummer looking for god. Consider the chorus:

You better take the walls of Jericho
Put your lips together and blow
Goin' to the very top
Where the truth crystallizes like jewels, in the rock, in the rock
That's right, it's about drugs.

That's not particularly clear without the line about carving a table out of LSD but, trust me, it's there. While I'm generally opposed to facile hippy trips I just can't resist the almost-ragga beat and that Strummer voice. It's bonus material for a Clash fan, which is what I am. Enjoy!

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