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Whichever Way You'll Have It - New Hands

Legbamel Not-Pop

As I slowly work through the things that arrive in my in-box, every once in a while I save something for another listen. Then, almost inevitably, I forget about it for a while. That's what I did with New Hands and the single the sent me more than a month ago. Today, I found them again and recalled why I wanted to share Whichever Way You'll Have It.

The sound is lushly electronic with a great 80s vibe and a thick voice floating the track along. That all sounds pretty mellow but, as you must know by now, my dears, I don't really do trance. Whichever Way You'll Have It offers plenty of energy, particularly in the chorus and the drawn-out coda at the end. Have a listen and--if you're willing to share your e-mail address with them--download the track for free from Bandcamp.

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