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Sandy - The Ascot Royals

Legbamel Not-Pop

Toronto-based rockers The Ascot Royals range from heartfelt indie rock to ska-influenced bounce to good, old-fashioned rock and roll. Sadly, I could not find anywhere that allowed me to embed Buttercup, perhaps the strongest song from their new album released in October, 2012, but I did find something nearly as good.

Sandy showcases both the aforementioned ska flavor and the rock chops of the band. It's prime chair dancing material, and a clever little love song to boot. Have a listen, and if you want to preview the new goodies you can head over to the Ascot Royals promo page. At least, I assume that's the new album. I can't find a thing about it besides those songs, including a name or release date.

For the moment, jam to The Royal Ascots and their tribute to Sandy. Do let me know if you find something a little more helpful about the new album, too, would you darlings?

Sandy by The Ascot Royals on Grooveshark

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