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Rangers - A Fine Frenzy

Legbamel Not-Pop

There aren't a lot of Brothers Grimm-style fable songs out there, and none of which I know that have stayed with me as well as A Fine Frenzy's Rangers. Maybe it's the imagery of the rangers streaming out to find what I cannot help but envision as Hansel and Gretel hiding in a bed of ferns like frightened rabbits.

Regardless of how dark the song is, I still find it beautifully done. I must have listened to Rangers every day or two for a few weeks, now, and I keep finding myself adding it to my playlists for just one more listen. Today you finally get to enjoy it with me. A Fine Frenzy (the stage name for Allison Sudol) does some lovely, lovely things.

I went to link to an earlier post and discovered that I've been keeping her all to myself! I promise to share more of her work with you. For the moment, enjoy and do let me know if you find Rangers as darkly enticing as I do. If you're a fan, I'd love for you to share your recommendations, as well!

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