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Lost in My Mind - The Head and the Heart

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's been a long time since I absolutely swooned over a band, my darlings, but today I discovered The Head and the Heart. I've been listening to them for an hour and I'm as in love with them even more than I started.

For a gorgeous taste, start with Lost in My Mind. From 2:47 to 3:03 I just stop whatever I'm doing and suck up the harmony as a reminder that the world can be a fabulous place. In fact, the entire last two minutes of the song restore my faith in my fellow man and in the music industry in general.

If you like this a tenth as much as I do, try Ghosts which has more wonderful harmony, piano, and a driving beat to go with it. This is the sort of music that ought to be pop but isn't, my dears. It's also the sort of thing that makes music blogs worth writing. Was that enough gushing for one day? Yeah, I thought it might be.

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