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It’s Too Funky in Here – James Brown

Legbamel Not-Pop

Had The NPJ not found an even more appropriate theme song (see the sidebar to your right), It’s Too Funky in Here would have been it. Okay, that’s not really true. It’s just a great song that I wanted to share with you all.

An award-winning lyricist James Brown was not. I prefer to think that his songs were so full of funk that there wasn’t room for a lot of clever lyrics. If you’ve ever seen video of him performing, you know that he was far too busy getting funky to sing much about it.

That makes It’s Too Funky in Here a perfect song for the man. If anyone knows when there’s too much funk in the air, it’s James Brown. Have a listen and hear for yourself. I included a live version because, to me, the studio release was too slow for this level of funk. That's probably the utter limit of the most times I can use the word funk in a single post so I'll just stop, now.

Too Funky In Here by James Brown on Grooveshark

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