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Ginger, Baby - Ex Norwegian

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've got another pseudo-retro band for you all today, the rock Ex Norwegian who almost didn't make this album at all. But they're back together and evolving their fuzzy, indie sound with some pretty clear influences. It's like three decades mashed into a single song!

Ginger, Baby is the first track on their new album "House Music" and the only one you can listen to in full from it, to date. The album doesn't drop until the 16th of October but you can get a pretty good feel for the band from Ginger, Baby and the Ex Norwegian back catalog at Grooveshark.

I'm curious, though, my dears. Drop me a note and tell me who you think influenced this Florida crew. When you hear the voice and the cadence, do you say, "Hey, that sounds like...!"

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