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Rio de Fuego - Robotic Pirate Monkey

Legbamel Not-Pop

Who hasn't always wanted a Robotic Pirate Monkey, with a little eye patch and a hook (on his tail, of course)? Everyone? Just me, then? Pretend I said nothing.

Today, I bring you a banger from Robotic Pirate Monkey just meant for a Friday evening cruising the interwebs, just energetic and engaging enough to get you chair-dancing but not intrusive enough to disrupt your reading and crafty of witty rejoinders.

The Monkeys are masters of the remix, having released plenty of mutations of their own work as well as that of others. If you groove to Rio de Fuego try Word is Bond for something a little funkier or Sizzlin' for a little more heat.

Rio De Fuego by Robotic Pirate Monkey on Grooveshark

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