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Pencil Thin Mustache - Jimmy Buffet

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've never understood why Margaritaville is more popular than Pencil Thin Mustache. I suppose one makes a better jukebox song at a bar but I can happily hoist one to the idea of that fabulous 'stache. I mean, Errol Flynn had one. Little Richard had one. Clark Gable sported one as part of his smouldering appeal.

Prince had a pencil-thin mustache for a while, as did half of DeBarge. Chuck Berry rocked one, too, and, as you most certainly already know, Jimmy Buffet sang about them. They are all that was once right with men's facial hair: little of it and well-groomed. It was suave sophistication and debonair panache. And the song is fun.

So happy Friday to you all and enjoy a little romp through the stylish mustache of yesteryear. I couldn't find much for covers except Jimmy Buffet cover bands so if you know of one that takes a different tack I'd love to hear it!

Pencil Thin Moustache by Jimmy Buffett on Grooveshark

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